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Travelling in Alberta

If you have a strong sense of adventure and a passion for nature, the Canadian province of Alberta should be in your must see list. The beautiful westernmost province is home to vast mountain ranges, towering ski slopes, numerous golf courses, and deep green forests. Visitors can touch base in any of its cities: Calgary and Edmonton, which are home to modern amenities and accommodations. After exploring the city, visitors can move on to its rural regions.

The Alberta Rockies is known to be one of Canada’s most beautiful places. Here, visitors can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Rocky Mountains then explore diverse flora and fauna at Banff National Park and Jasper Park. Banff is a historical place, being Canada’s first national park that initiated the country’s national park system. It covers 6,641 square kilometres, making it the largest park in Canada. Out of the 6,000 plus square kilometres, 93 percent is comprised of unspoiled wilderness areas. Animals that roam the park range from Caribou, Elk, Deer, to Mountain Lions and Moose. Apart from spotting these majestic creatures, visitors should hike up to the Sunshine Meadows then drop by the Peyto Lake. This body of water is locked by two valleys that are surrounded by lush forests and endless mountains. During the summer, the lake has a unique blue color brought about by the Peyto Glacier’s mineral make up.

The stunning views continue in Albeta’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, Jasper National Park. Mountaineers can enjoy over 1200 kilometres of hiking trails that can be done within a day or within an overnight trip. After enjoying the great outdoors, return to Edmonton and enjoy the perks of civilization. Free tours are offered by the Alberta Legislature, a building that still displays its 1911 architecture. The artistically inclined can check out the Art Gallery of Alberta or the Royal Alberta Museum.