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Location of Business: Edmonton, AB
Number of Years in Business: Since 2005
Business Owner: Morgan Douziech
Services Offered: Online Safety Training Courses, Certificate Tracking, Learning Management Systems
Address: Edmonton, Alberta
Phone Number: (780) 756-7233
Website: Visit the SET Safety Website
Email: info@setsafety.ca

"...Over 400 online safety training courses & complete learning management solutions..."

Released on: 2016-07-07

SET Safety has been providing Alberta businesses with elite Safety Training Solutions since 2009.

As Edmonton-based Paramedics, SET Safety saw a large gap between the classroom and real life – their goal was to bridge that gap and empower their students to properly act when emergencies strike.

SET Safety now offers more than 400 online safety training courses including Groud DisturbanceFall ProtectionSafe Slinging & Rigging as well as to our mobile first aid training team!

Your decision on a Safety Training Provider is an important one. When it comes to safety training, do not cut corners. Our experienced paramedic instructors are passionate, engaging and flexible to your schedules and needs.

Call Morgan Douziech today at (780) 756-7233 or visit their official website:
SET Safety