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Location of Business: Alberta
Number of Years in Business: Since 1998
Business Owner: Ray Mernard
Services Offered: Water Management, Aeration, Ultra-sonic
Address: 39041 RGE RD 283, Red Deer County, AB
Phone Number: 1-888-466-0031
Website: Visit the Algae Control Canada Website
Email: See Website

"...Improving Water Quality through Science..."

Released on: 2017-04-25

Algae Control Canada offers comprehensive water management solutions to a diverse array of clients including mines and other heavy industry, municipalities, large agriculture installations, and private pond owners. Our customers are welcome to choose to do business with us in the manner that suits their needs; whether it is the purchase of a single bottle of dye, or the ongoing management of an intensive water management plan.

Algae Control Canada is the independent offshoot of Smoky Trout Farm. Located just outside Red Deer, Alberta, Algae Control Canada builds on the sustainable and science-based heritage of a recirculating trout farm, which has stocked thousands of ponds across Alberta with trout and provided water management solutions to private ponds, lakes and dugouts across Canada.

Algae Control Canada has translated the expertise gained through years of effective small pond management, including lean budgets and challenging natural environments, to a diverse array of corporate and government clients and their needs.

Algae Control Canada has a simple plan: continue to offer industry leading solutions combined with a customer-centered and collaborative approach to our business relationships.

Call Ray Mernard today at 1-888-466-0031 or visit their official website:
Algae Control Canada