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Location of Business: 2 Edmonton Locations, Beaumont
Number of Years in Business: 2012
Business Owner: Private
Services Offered: Designer Eyewear, Eye Exams, Glasses, Contacts
Address: 5946 Mullen Way, Edmonton, AB, T6R 0S9
Phone Number: 780-438-5030
Website: Visit the The Vision Gallery Website
Email: See Website

"...We carry designer brands, luxury brands, and boutique lines from around the world. We have a new style waiting for everyone, and we'll help you pick you a look that suits you..."

Released on: 2016-04-05

The Vision Gallery in Edmonton and Beaumont are an experienced optometrists that put their patients first. They start with a thorough eye exam, then discuss all of the options available to you. Finally, one of their highly skilled opticians will help you to find the right solution for your needs.

The Vision Gallery also offers thousands of designer frames and sunglasses in 3 different locations including North Edmonton, South Edmonton as well as Beaumont.

They boast a wide variety of brands and styles for everyone, and will help you pick you a look that suits you.

The Vision Gallery - optometry and vision care for the entire family!

Call Private today at 780-438-5030 or visit their official website:
The Vision Gallery