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Apache Pipeline ProductsApache Pipeline Products

Location of Business: Edmonton, AB
Number of Years in Business: Since 1986
Business Owner:
Services Offered: Pipeline Pigging, Pig Tracking, Pipeline Cleaning & Maintenance
Address: 1575 - 90 Avenue Edmonton, Alberta T6P 0E2
Phone Number: (780) 416-4850
Website: Visit the Apache Pipeline Products Website
Email: sales@apachepipe.com

"... a pipeline company most admired for its people, partnerships, and performance..."

Released on: 2017-05-30

Proudly Canadian, Apache Pipeline Products is a leading manufacturer of pipeline cleaning and maintenance equipment. With a history that dates back to 1986, our company is rooted in the principles of superior client service and partnership. 

We produce and supply a complete line of pigs and pigging equipment for oil, natural gas, and industrial pipelines around the world.

We specialize in supplying a complete line of 2″ – 56″ pigs, we have the performance based products for any application you may face.

At Apache, we take pride in manufacturing high quality products and providing our customers with excellent service.

Call today at (780) 416-4850 or visit their official website:
Apache Pipeline Products