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Canada Pipeline Accessories Company LtdCanada Pipeline Accessories Company Ltd

Location of Business: Calgary, Alberta
Number of Years in Business: Since 1997
Business Owner: Blaine Sawchuk
Services Offered: Flow conditioners, venturi nozzles, flow nozzles
Address: 10653 - 46 Street S.E. Calgary, Alberta Canada T2C 5C2
Phone Number: 403-236-4480
Website: Visit the Canada Pipeline Accessories Company Ltd Website
Email: See Website

"...Maximizing Measurement Accuracy while minimizing the effect on the environment..."

Released on: 2016-12-19

Canada Pipeline Accessories (CPACL) is a Calgary Alberta based company dedicated to the improvement of flow measurement accuracy through the provision of leading-edge equipment and engineering services.

This includes the custom design and manufacture of flow conditioners, venturi nozzles, flow nozzles and custom items not otherwise available.

Canada Pipeline Accessories also offer private consultation on meter station designs and metering problems with the use of their extensive fluid dynamic experience and computational fluid dynamics resources.

CPA flow conditioners and products are applicable for many measurement fluid scenarios; natural gas, air, water, liquid petroleum and many others.

At CPACL, their experience, knowledge and commitment assure their customers of expert solutions to all of their flow measurement and meter station requirements.

Call Blaine Sawchuk today at 403-236-4480 or visit their official website:
Canada Pipeline Accessories Company Ltd