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Location of Business: Edmonton, AB
Number of Years in Business: Since 2005
Business Owner:
Services Offered: Home Insurance, Condo Insurance, Renters Insurance, Auto Insurance
Address: 13141 156 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5V 1V2
Phone Number: 780-476-1600
Website: Visit the Capital Insurance Brokers Website
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"...Providing Peace of Mind through Individual Care..."

Released on: 2017-03-13

Unlike other brokerages, we work with the utmost in integrity, never caving into the demands or perks of insurance companies.

When a brokerage yields to the unwarranted favour and influence of any one insurer, it takes away from the essential purpose of working with a brokerage — to get the best rates and coverage for the consumer by creating competition between insurance companies.

In what should be a wakeup call to the industry (but will most likely have little effect), The Globe and Mail recently ran an article titled “What Your Insurance Broker doesn’t Want You to Know.” This article details the struggle consumers face when searching for coverage at the right price due to the incentives major insurance companies provide to many brokerages.

At Capital Insurance Brokers, we work for you — not the insurance companies. Contact us for more information on Home Insurance & Auto Insurance today!

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