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Location of Business: Edmonton, AB
Number of Years in Business: 5+
Business Owner: Gerri Reid
Services Offered: Interior Painting, Exterior Painting, Commercial, Residential, Drywall Repair
Address: Edmonton AB
Phone Number: 780-691-6580
Website: Visit the Genoa Coatings Website
Email: genoacoatings@gmail.com

"...we were thrilled with the idea that we could offer Edmonton Residents something different - Professional quality painting at 'do-it-yourself' prices..."

Released on: 2011-04-06

With over a decade of painting under their belts and a list of hundreds of satisifed clients, the expert Painting crew at Genoa Coatings are indeed Edmonton's Painters of choice.

No matter whether it's Home or commercial jobs, Owner Gerri Reid and his crew have the tools and expertise to paint and stain all types of surfaces including drywall, oak, maple, cedar siding, aluminum, cinder block, Brick, stucco, and more.

Call Gerri Reid today at 780-691-6580 or visit their official website:
Genoa Coatings