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Location of Business: Edmonton & Area
Number of Years in Business: Since 2016
Business Owner: Private
Services Offered: Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, HVAC, Pumps & Boilers
Address: Peak Hydronics Leduc, AB T4X 0K9
Phone Number: 780-975-4322
Website: Visit the Peak Hydronics Website
Email: admin@peakhydronics.ca

"...The contractor of choice for all your plumbing, HVAC, and drainage services throughout Alberta's Capital Region...."

Released on: 2020-08-18

Peak Hydronics Corporation remains committed to providing exceptional work, knowledge, and customer satisfaction in an effort to improve client education and reduce building operational costs. By working with our clients instead of for them, we aim to cultivate an effective, long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationship. We provide 24/7 expert plumbing, HVAC and drainage services throughout Alberta's Capital Region.

We are driven to identify and solve the root cause of problems and are not satisfied until we have done so. Often times our team is brought in to resolve difficult or intermittent issues after other companies have failed. The ability to troubleshoot and provide solutions for these sorts of problems has become Peak Hydronics' specialty and is greatly appreciated by our clients.

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Peak Hydronics